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Fundraising with Appeal

Make giving easy.  

Build donor relationships quickly and make giving easier with a personalized appeal program.  Choose from our 7 unique packages that make the production process easy and affordable.

  • You provide the content, images and logos, DeFrance will handle the data merging, printing, folding, inserting and mailing ensuring your piece meets all USPS requirements.
  • Your donors are greeted with a professional presentation including integrated personalized information and a quick and easy to use response device.
  • Our personalized response device make donating easy.  It also makes processing your donations that arrive easier for you and your team. 
  • Our packages can be customized to create segments within a single appeal mailing, variations on letters, gift amounts and imagery.  
  • Segment groups that need to be hand signed or hand written while still mailing within the Appeal. 

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