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Mailing Services

If you want to communicate better with your clients, improve your fundraising, build your brand and sell more products then DeFrance can help.  Direct Mail is still one of the most cost effective tools you can use to promote your business.

With DirectMail, your business can....

  • Determine the best audience for your message. Mail’s target ability lets you focus media dollars on those most likely to respond.

  • Choose what to measure – from offers to creative elements. You can then use this data to improve effectiveness.

  • Reach almost anyone – virtually every consumer has a mailing address and reads mail on his or her own time.

  • Tailor each mailpiece. Today’s technologies permit highly personalized messaging, offers, and graphics.

  • Learn more about your customers by sending a survey or including questions on a reply card.

  • Get an extended shelf life for your message. Mail is frequently kept for future reference and use.

  • Know your results. As a highly track able medium, mail lets you monitor the impact and ROI of every initiative.