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Letterpress Printing

Invented in the mid-1400s by German blacksmith Johannes Gutenberg, the letterpress revolutionized how books were printed and distributed in Europe. In designing movable type, Gutenberg fathered a much easier, faster way for information to be replicated and communicated. Not only did the letterpress accomplish this great feat, but it also reflected the intersection of industry, science and the arts.  Innovators of later centuries continued to tinker on his original press, leading to the creation of thousands of different typefaces.

Letterpress printing has been on the menu since our doors opened in 1893 when it was the only printing option. In the early 2000's clients began looking for ways to enhance their designs, create a unique more crafted look and thus the rebirth of Letterpress began.  Whether you are a corporation looking to enhance your branding or a manufacturer looking for a long term reliable production partner we can help.